The Eeratek Species


Eerateks were created on the planet Ektekal, year 725, when a meteor crashed onto the planet, releasing a type of gas that held the chemicals to create Fluctric and Conjere. Those gases are now known as Cicone (Cn1), Cyndone (Cd4), Divoncé (Dn2), and Dyclonce (Dc7). Those gases spread and contaminated the wildlife around the meteor, merging into their cells and blood, morphing their bodies until the basic Eerateks were formed. All the animals varied, creating different Eerateks, some with feathers, some with wings, some with fur, but they all followed the basic body shape and facial structure.


Each Eerateks appearance varies, as there are no limitations to appearance. But they all share the same basic appearance, having their upper arms/biceps bare fluctric. For their legs: digitigrade has their middle legs bare fluctric; plantigrade has their lower legs bare fluctric. But some don’t even have parts of their legs bare.

They can have fur or feathers covering their body. They can also have wings, which can be covered with said things. There are no set colors, as each has a different selection of colors, including amount.

On their thighs, forearms, and back, are small dark grey pyramids made of Conjere. Their claws are also made of Conjere.


Fluctric is an indestructible substance that makes up the blood of Eerateks. It’s a liquid when in body, but solid as soon as it touches air. It was created when Cn1 and Dc7 entered the wildlifes bodies, and came into contact with their blood, merging. It also gave the Eerateks a type of mild telekinesis that only controls the Fluctric. It’s sometimes called the “Solid Light,” as it glows.

The Conjere pyramids are a transmitter for the Fluctric. They grew out of the body when Cd4 and Dn2 came into contact with their bodies. They slowly grew over time, instead of instantaneously like the Fluctric did.


The Eerateks have a special kind of telekinesis, in which they are only able to control the Fluctric running in their bodies. Using that telekinesis, they can reform the exposed Fluctric to any shape they desire, yet still connected to the arms and/or legs. Without the Conjere pyramids and claws however, the Fluctric wouldn’t be able to reshape around the body, nor as much. In some cases the Fluctric can detach from the limbs and still be controlled and reshaped. When the telekinesis is not used for the Fluctric, the parts will go back to the exposed limbs.

The Fluctric is indestructible, however, after being reformed, and then formed back, there’s a cooldown of 30 minutes before they can be reformed again.

In the off chance a limb is cut off, the Fluctric will expand and grab that limb/body part, and reattach it to the body. It will take an hour for that limb to be completely reattached without the Fluctric’s use.


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