The Invectiverse Project

What is the Invectiverse Project?

    The Invectiverse Project is a universe-building project being made by one creature alone. it will contain many archives, characters and their profiles, as well as the stories of this new universe. Every day it will be updated, adding more characters, or having the stories worked on off-site. This project is going to take years before it is 100% complete.

Why was the Invectiverse Project made?

    It was made to be enjoyed by others, as well as something other than art to be worked on by the creator. The creator has been enjoying creating and working on this, as it's only ever been envisoned, but never truly created.

Who made the Invectiverse Project?

    Ira Invex (an alias), who also goes by IraShotShiko and Shiko, is a transgender furry who's always enjoyed creating. You can interact with them in their blogs, or by clicking on the Creator tab.